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If you would like to contribute to the operational funding of our repeaters in Grimsby you can email our treasurer on, also if you have any queries, questions etc you can email these to the repeater keeper on

GB3GY Is Grimsby’s 70cms voice repeater which operates on 433.275mhz

access by either 1750hz tone or CTCSS 88.5hz, I switched it on 17 June 1981 and G2DXB called me for the first official contact, it had been used prior to that for test purposes.

Also in Grimsby we have a TV repeater GB3GG

The repeater is owned and run by the Grimsby Amateur Radio Society,  as clubs cannot hold NOV's for repeaters John G0ATW has kindly offered to be the registered Keeper QTH taking over from Brian G4DXB who had been involved with the repeater from the beginning the Club wishes to thank him from all his hard work.

 Latest Repeater report.

M S Distribution has recently (Sept 2013) donated a wireless link equipment to link Nelson House with Thesiger House; this is so Richard’s company can supply the repeaters with free Internet access


After a few months organizing a work permit  with specific risk assessment and method statement work took place on Saturday 18/09/10 to service the aerials on the roof top at Thesiger House.

Clamps and poles were replaced, feeders tidied up, aerials straightened and GB3GGs TX aerial replaced.

In total Lee G4TNX and John G0ATW worked for 6 hours on the roof!

First signal strength reports for the new GB3GG TX aerial look very good.

Unfortunately the planned TV link to Lincoln failed due to a faulty coax feeder maybe this will happen on next years maintenance visit.


One problem is the transmit filter on GB3GG it is about to go away for re-alignment.

The effect of not having the filter is causing the receiver to see the transmitted picture producing feedback.

To prevent this becoming a problem I have switched the 13cms receive off temporally, it will be on Friday night and by request.

This does not prevent access on 23cms or 10Ghz, reduce the transmit signal or effect the web stream.


Note the replacement PC, solid state hard drive, replacement PA and hours of labour have all been funded by the ATV group.


If you hear abuse please contact John by email


I have spent a lot of time monitoring GB3GY lately and heard no problems

 but also very little activity.

It would be a shame if an attempt at increasing activity with the Echolink NOV is spoilt by abuse.


73s John G0ATW.

Advice to users of GB3GY

The Repeater GB3GY is maintained and operated by the Grimsby Amateur Radio Society (GARS and is licensed to operate by Notice of Variation to the Repeater Keepers own licence.

GARS and the Keeper do not undertake to maintain operational the repeater or other facilities at all times, and shall not be responsible for the loss of, or the content of any message carried by the repeater.

Users are requested to follow the proper operating procedures and practices for repeaters, and to operate within the terms of their Amateur Radio Licence.

From time to time users may experience deliberate abuse or jamming.

Do not respond in any way at all on the air to unlicensed transmissions or abusers.

Do not approach suspected offenders, as this can encourage further abuse and may prejudice investigations already underway.

Help to gather information about the problem :- e.g. dates, times and the nature of the abuse.

Make notes about the suspected location of the offender, any patterns of operation and if possible any bearings taken with direction finding equipment.

Recordings can also be useful.

All Repeaters are available for use by any licensed Radio Amateur, but please remember :- Repeaters cost money to run and maintain. There are Site rents, Electricity and Insurance bills to be paid. Some work like aerial maintenance and rigging must be done by professionals, their fees do not come cheaply.

Your support by being a member of GARS (for GB3GY) or by making a donation is essential for the day to day running and up-keep of the repeater, email our treasurer on